Site Exploration

Dive Deep into Louisiana’s Terrain

AME has extensive experience conducting geotechnical field explorations in Louisiana and Texas, whether it be on land, over marsh, in rivers, lakes, or in the Gulf. We have strong ties with many local, experienced drilling contractors that further expand AME resources and capabilities. AME has specialized equipment in-house for quick, efficient sampling of soft materials.

Streamlined Solutions

From permitting for field explorations to site safety and conducting soil sampling, AME offers a comprehensive range of services. Our expertise encompasses preparing and applying for permits, coordination with utilities and pipeline representatives, thorough site reconnaissance visits, meticulous planning and coordination, adherence to strict site safety protocols, advanced geotechnical drilling and CPT soundings, consulting for geotechnical explorations, and proficient water well installation. Count on AME’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every step of your project, including obtaining high-quality soil samples in the challenging geology of the Gulf Coast.

    • Permitting: Preparing plans and specifications, and applying for USACE, Levee Board, CUP, DOTD and other permits.
    • One-Call Ticket: opening of a ticket, coordination with utilities and pipeline representatives, understanding the flagging and marking, understanding utility and pipeline requirements and avoiding marked hazards.
    • Site Reconnaissance Visits: Identifying site features, terrain and hazards, obtaining photos (ground and aerial/drone), beginning to plan site exploration and selection of equipment.
    • Planning and Coordination: Contacting appropriate subcontract drillers, notifying all proper parties and landowners, mapping access points and routes, selecting proper exploration, sampling, and support equipment.
    • Site Safety: Site safety is discussed daily, and all crew members read and sign a Job Hazard Analysis specific to each project and site. All crew members are required to wear OSHA Level D PPE.
    • Geotechnical Drilling, CPT Soundings and Field Testing: AME has a geotechnical driller on staff with 20+ years experience operating drill rigs across all Louisiana terrain. Our drilling subcontractors offer ATV, track, truck, marsh buggy, airboat, pontoon, and barge mounted drilling and CPT platforms. Our field testing includes resistivity testing and construction materials testing.
    • Consulting for Geotechnical Explorations: AME often consults with drilling contractors to assist with difficult site conditions, drill rig repairs, and outside the box solutions to get projects back on or ahead of schedule.
    • Well Installation: AME has a licensed Louisiana Water Well Contractor on staff. Our capabilities include installing monitoring wells and piezometers, developing wells, performing drawdown tests, and creating monitoring programs.
    • Soil Sampling: AME is dedicated to obtaining high quality soil samples, even in the soft, fine grained geology of the Gulf States. We have experience with the following sampling methods: undisturbed (tube) sampling, SPT (split spoon), vibratory coring, freshly placed dredge slurry, and other customized sampling methods designed to obtain difficult to retrieve samples. Our personnel take extreme care in packaging and transporting samples to our geotechnical laboratory.

    AME has extensive experience conducting geotechnical field explorations

    At Work
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