It is paramount to design and continually modify the design of coastal projects based on the construction means and methods, of which dredging plays a considerable role. AME has focused extensively on projects utilizing inland and offshore borrow sources to hydraulically pump dredge slurry to areas where it can be beneficially used, typically in the form of marsh creation and nourishment. The primary cost in construction for many marsh creation projects is dredging, so a strong understanding of dredge operations, borrow area material properties, and material placement behavior is key to a successful, healthy project. Through experience gained from construction projects and working with dredgers, our engineers are very familiar with these dredging operations and can work with the owners and dredgers to deliver an efficient, successful project.

AME has worked with agencies and dredgers to further develop the practice of dredge engineering by delineating and characterizing the materials available in borrow areas inland, riverine, and offshore. With a deep understanding of the dredge operations and dredged material behavior, AME has provided value engineering to projects throughout Louisiana and Texas, saving time and budget on many projects. Furthermore, we have provided recommendations on the placement and containment of dredged material, providing insight to material behavior years after project construction is complete. AME prides itself on working with agencies and contractors throughout design and construction in order to achieve the desired project efficiently and safely.

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Dredge fill inspection and testing

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Some projects that the AME team members were involved with in the current position or with their previous employers include the Caminada Headlands Back Barrier Marsh Creation Project, Oyster Bayou Marsh Creation Project, Cole’s Bayou Marsh Creation, Bayou Bonfouca Marsh Creation project and others.