Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

AME can provide instrumentation and monitoring during any phase of a project. This can be during design to measure water level draw down, monitor a test section, establish baseline reading for engineering calculations, and more. Our construction instrumentation services are also critical to avoid encountering detrimental construction conditions. All instrumentation and supporting equipment data have the ability to be accessed remotely, in real time.

Construction Services

AME offers comprehensive construction services with real-time assurance and expert project oversight, including meticulous monitoring, sampling, and instrumentation throughout the construction process. Our advanced geotechnical instrumentation, monitoring wells, and field cameras further enhance project accuracy and efficiency.

  • Sampling and testing during construction
  • Geotechnical instrumentation, including Piezometers, Pressure Cells, Inclinometers, etc.
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Field Cameras
  • Photography: ground and drone (aerial)

Data and visualization at your fingertips

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