Laboratory Testing

AME’s Accredited Laboratories

AME has an ASSHTO, USACE, and LELAP accredited laboratory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana established in 2021 and operated by a manager with 10+ years’ experience. AME also has an AASHTO accredited laboratory in Youngsville, Louisiana. In both locations, AME has a strict QA/QC policy and we pride ourselves on maintaining high quality throughout our testing process.

Suite of Services & Testing

AME’s offers a wide range of geotechnical and material testing services including the following:

  • Undisturbed sample extrusion using a hydraulic piston extruder
  • Miniature Vane Shear Testing (ASTM D4648)
  • USCS Classification (ASTM D2487)
  • Moisture Content Determination (ASTM D2216)
  • Atterberg Limits (ASTM D3418)
  • Washover No. 200 (ASTM D1140)
  • Grain Size Analysis (ASTM D6913)
  • Hydrometer (ASTM D7928)
  • Organic Content (ASTM D2974)
  • Specific Gravity (ASTM D854)
  • Density/Unit Weight Determination (ASTM D7263)
  • Standard Proctor (ASTM D698)
  • Unconfined Compressive Triaxial Strength (ASTM D2166)
  • Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Strength (ASTM D2580)
  • Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Strength (ASTM D4767)
  • Consolidation (ASTM D2435)
  • Swell Potential (ASTM D4546)
  • Low-Stress Consolidation
  • Mud Balance Testing
  • Settling Column (Full-Size and Modified)

Established in 2021

2. Pnumatic Consols
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