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AME Services

Site Exploration

AME has extensive experience conducting geotechnical field explorations in Louisiana and Texas, whether it be on land, over marsh, in rivers, lakes, or in the Gulf.

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Laboratory Testing

AME has an ASSHTO, USACE, and LELAP accredited laboratory, established in 2021 and operated by a manager with 10+ years’ experience.
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Coastal & Dredging Geotechnical Engineering

Expert marsh creation and beach & barrier island analyses include ECD assessments..
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Geotechnical Analyses and Reporting

We provide assistance with Permit Applications and Letters of No Objection.
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Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

AME can provide instrumentation and monitoring during any phase of a project.
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Coastal Supervision, Inspection, and Support

AME assists with review of construction documents, contractor RFIs and more.
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