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We are proud to have clients that trust our judgement and are seeing measurable benefits in working with us. In addition to standard geotechnical services for various market sectors, our team has been developing new methods to improve the design of hydraulically dredged and placed marsh fill.

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Adaptive Management and Engineering, LLC. (AME) was built around the idea of making innovation a part of the daily routine with an intent to help clients deliver a safe and successful project. We have built a culture that helps us perceive competitors as peers with the same goal, and challenges as opportunities to provide better services. AME has thrived by helping peers, clients, and project owners succeed.

Adaptive Management and Engineering, LLC. (AME) has expertise in providing coastal engineering, geotechnical, instrumentation and monitoring services for various public and private clients. Our experienced staff is well versed in planning and providing geotechnical recommendations for industrial, commercial, roadway, coastal protection and restoration projects, upland disposal sites and beneficial use of dredged material projects along the Gulf Coast.

We specialize in comprehending project-specific requirements and implementing suitable construction methods.

We excel in fostering cooperation among all stakeholders and promoting innovative approaches.

We understand coastal construction contractual limitations and are consistently helping agencies and clients in improving the reliability of achieving their goal.

Since its establishment in 2019, AME has cultivated collaborations with a wide array of clients in both the public and private sectors, offering practical geotechnical solutions for a multitude of projects.

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AME Services

Site Exploration

AME has extensive experience conducting geotechnical field explorations in Louisiana and Texas, whether it be on land, over marsh, in rivers, lakes, or in the Gulf.

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Laboratory Testing

AME has an ASSHTO, USACE, and LELAP accredited laboratory, established in 2021 and operated by a manager with 10+ years’ experience.
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Coastal & Dredging Geotechnical Engineering

Expert marsh creation and beach & barrier island analyses include ECD assessments..
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Geotechnical Analyses and Reporting

We provide assistance with Permit Applications and Letters of No Objection.
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Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

AME can provide instrumentation and monitoring during any phase of a project.
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Coastal Supervision, Inspection, and Support

AME assists with review of construction documents, contractor RFIs and more.
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AME Success Stories


Explore our comprehensive case studies showcasing our successful projects, innovative approaches, and effective geotechnical analyses and reporting. Dive into the details of how Adaptive Management and Engineering (AME) has delivered exceptional results for a diverse range of clients in various industries. Gain insights into our expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to achieving optimal outcomes in every project we undertake.


Caminada Headland Back Barrier Marsh Creation (BA-171) Project

Caminada Headland Back Barrier Marsh Creation (BA-171) Project

The Caminada Headland Back Barrier Marsh Creation (BA-171) Project aimed to create or nourish over 900 acres of back-barrier marsh using hydraulically dredged material, implementing geotechnical instrumentation, and reducing construction costs.




Lake Villa Pond Improvements Project

Lake Villa Pond Improvements Project

The Lake Villa Pond Improvements Project encompasses structural, environmental, and recreational enhancements, including the creation of a tidal channel to Lake Pontchartrain, marsh vegetation, and terracing to promote diverse vegetative growth, with AME providing geotechnical analysis and permitting support.