Research & Training

 AME has been awarded grants to help advance coastal engineering

AME is always looking to add value to the clients and the community. We make it a priority to invest time and money into research and innovation that helps make processes more efficient to implement a holistic approach to the challenges at hand. AME has received a NOAA grant in 2022 to provide IOT based solutions to the dredging industry.

 We conduct scaled, construction-mirroring experiments in our geotechnical laboratory.

AME considers giving back to the community a noble cause and strives to contribute in many ways on a regular basis. AME personnel have worked tirelessly in not only donating time but also goods and services in the time of need. Professionally, they have provided training to various agencies and peers on the geotechnical front to help clients succeed in completing projects efficiently. This helps the taxpayers’ dollars go further and build more projects that benefit the communities. We have provided luncheon trainings, one-day, and three-day training courses to agencies and peers for design of coastal restoration projects and geotechnical services.

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