University Lakes Flood Risk Reduction Design


The University Lakes Flood Risk Reduction Design (UL FRRD) involves the services required for the implementation of the 2016 Baton Rouge Lakes Master Plan for the revitalization of the Baton Rouge/University Lakes System, which is comprised of six lakes (City Park Lake, Lake Erie, Crest Lake, University Lake, Campus Lake, and College Lake). The University Lakes team (UL) is seeking to improve water quality and flood risk reduction potential, increase natural habitat, and provide expanded and safer recreational opportunities for the Lake System.

As part of the Stantec UL FRRD team, AME was tasked with the geotechnical portion of the Data Gap Analysis. AME reviewed all of the previous data collected dating back to 1984 after the latest dredging event occurred in the University Lakes system and reviewed the current data collection report. A data gap analysis report was submitted to the project team to address missing elements of the project’s geotechnical data. Many of AME’s suggestions were implemented in a second geotechnical investigation.

AME also conducted the column settling to determine the settling characteristics of the material. Four samples were analyzed, looking at four different slurry compositions.

AME reviewed the project Geotechnical Report provided by others and was also involved with the review of design documents for the project.

  • Flood risk reduction in the University Lakes area
  • Recreational enhancements
  • Land creation and enhancement
  • Hydraulic improvements to the lake system