Lake Villa Pond Improvements Project


The proposed enhancement of the Lake Villa Pond is a compilation of structural, environmental, and recreational improvements that will work together to achieve the project vision and goals. Phase I of the project will achieve the structural and environmental objectives while Phase II will implement the recreational improvements.

Phase I of the project will consist of establishing a hydraulic connection via a channel from Lake Villa Pond to Lake Pontchartrain. The channel from the pond to the lake will provide daily tidal exchange along the western side of the pond and the proposed marsh vegetation along the east side of the pond. The western portion of the pond will be extended by mechanically excavating the upland areas deeper. The excavated material will be utilized to terrace the pond to critical elevations to promote different species of vegetative growth within marsh platforms. Additional fill material could be obtained from Lake Pontchartrain if the cut/fill of the pond is at a deficit.

AME assisted in completing a Jefferson Parish/CPRA/USACE permit to conduct the field exploration program. AME utilized a truck-mounted drill rig to collect soil samples on land and a handheld vibracore to obtain pond bottom samples from a Jon Boat. A laboratory testing program and geotechnical analyses were completed, and a report summarizing the recommendations for the project was provided to the client.

AME completed the services as a sub-consultant to T. Baker Smith. Jefferson Parish is the Owner.

  • Tidal Channel and Pond
  • Recreational Area
  • Walking Path